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Batteries Compared: Alkaline, Carbon Zinc And Lithium

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Batteries are used to power a variety of different household devices. While it may seem that all batteries are the same, they can vary quite significantly in performance, depending on their intended use. Here’s an overview of when to use different types of batteries.


• Alkaline batteries

These are the most common type of household battery. They come in a variety of standard sizes and are relatively inexpensive. The average shelf life of an alkaline battery is between five and 10 years. They’re designed to be used in moderate to low-drain devices like toys, game controllers, flashlights and toothbrushes. However, if used infrequently or not at all, alkaline batteries will sometimes leak, causing damage to your device. In addition, alkaline batteries cannot be recharged and can be difficult to recycle.


• Zinc-carbon batteries

These batteries are extremely inexpensive but have a short shelf life of just three years. Consequently, they’re most suitable for low-drain, non-critical devices such as remotes, clocks and radios. Furthermore, you’ll often find zinc-carbon batteries in electronic products that state batteries included as they’re very cheap to produce. Therefore, zinc-carbon batteries are a great quick fix, but need to be replaced frequently.


• Lithium batteries

Lithium batteries can store more energy and are lighter than alkaline batteries. In addition, they can often be recharged. Lithium batteries also have a very long shelf life of 10 to 15 years and can withstand extreme temperatures. These types of batteries are most often used in high-drain devices such as power tools, digital cameras and other smart devices. In addition, since lithium batteries aren’t as susceptible to leaking as alkaline batteries, they’re a great choice for smoke detectors and emergency devices. However, lithium batteries are more expensive outright and are restricted as carry-on travel items by some airlines.


Other Types

Additionally, there are various other types of batteries, including nickel metal hybrid (NiMH) batteries, which are a popular choice for high-end portable electronics, such as GPS devices, as well as silver oxide batteries, which are often used in small devices such as watches. If you need help determining which battery is right for your needs, the staff at Prairie Battery can point you in the right direction.


Your Battery Specialists in The Prairies and GTA

Prairie Battery is your go-to battery retailer in the Prairies. Whether you need a long-lasting, a powerful automotive battery, a durable powersports battery or a rechargeable lithium battery, we have you covered. We also carry solar panels, inverters, booster packs and more. Contact us today to find out more about our products. We have locations in Winnipeg, Brandon, Regina, Edmontonand the Greater Toronto Area.



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