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About Prairie Battery

Founded in Winnipeg, and with over 20 years of experience helping people across Manitoba and Saskatchewan, Prairie Battery has become the trusted go-to source for all types of customer.

Through our commitment to quality and excellence, we have built a strong client base of major corporations and organizations. Our customer base includes medical, security, mobility, consumer, industrial, and other markets.

Because we have progressed from modest beginnings, we understand the needs of small start-ups to those of large corporations, and we are well-equipped to serve a broad spectrum of customers. We continue to emphasize teamwork along with strong work ethics and values within our organization.


Our Managers
Peter Vander Linden – President

Cavan Corvino - Vice President of Sales

Tyler Vander Linden – Branch Manager Winnipeg

Greg Klier - Branch Manager Brandon

Mike Lehtonen - Branch Manager Regina

Justin Turtiak - Branch Manager Edmonton


Our primary distribution center is centrally located in Winnipeg, Manitoba, to facilitate efficient and quick delivery of products to our customers throughout Canada. In addition, we have a secondary location in Brandon, Manitoba, and a third location in Regina, Saskatchewan, which provides another distribution point for varying customer needs. We also serve Edmonton, Alberta.

Value-Added Services
Prairie Battery also offers value-added custom battery packs and kitting for our product lines. These services can be customized to meet the expectations of our various customers.

Prairie Battery has the ability to design and assemble custom battery packs consisting of assembled groups of batteries combined electrically into a single unit. We have specialized equipment such as electric welders, sonic welders, computer-aided design programs, computer-driven battery analyzers, battery chargers, heat-shrink ovens, and strip-chart recorders to support your custom assembly, design, and engineering needs.

In addition to providing the services necessary to produce battery packs, such as design, welding, and assembly services, we supply materials such as wiring, connectors, and casings. Completed battery packs are assembled to order in nearly all instances. However, we do maintain a broad inventory of various sizes of batteries and components utilized in battery pack production to serve our customers’ immediate needs.

Our Prairie Battery professionals are available to you to address all your needs, problems, and concerns. Contact us today!

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