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Your Reliable AGM Battery Dealer in Winnipeg, Brandon, Regina, & Edmonton


Whether you understand what absorbent glass mat batteries are or not, chances are you or someone in your family uses them on a regular basis. These batteries are very common in alarm panels in residential homes, children’s motorized ride-on toys, ice fishing fish finders, computer UPS backups, and mobility scooters. If you need to stay powered, Prairie Battery is a reputable battery dealer with locations in Winnipeg, Brandon, Regina, and Edmonton.


We carry a variety of brands for your consideration including.

  • NorthStar: Ideal for trolling motors, most cars and trucks, semi-trucks, and construction equipment
  • OPTIMA: Used in specialty cars and collectors vehicles
  • ODYSSEY®: Powersport usage, which includes motorcycles and quads

We are the NorthStar battery master distributor.

We also carry CSB 6-volt and 12-volt batteries for your convenience. 

AGM Batteries for All Types of Situations
CSB batteries are a high-end product intended for mission-critical UPS systems and mobility scooter applications where they get a lot of use. The 6-volt and 12-volt batteries are better suited for emergency lights or alarms panels where they are only used occasionally, such as in scenarios where the power fails.


Energy Power Products

  • Mobility = CSB, Yuasa 
  • Home alarm = CSB, Yuasa
  • UPS = large telecom sites, large business backup systems, local household or small business backup systems

Travel with confidence; visit one of our locations today.

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If you’re in the market for a very specific battery, we can help you track it down.

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