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Deep Cycle batteries for golf cart in Edmonton & Beyond

Want a steady power supply for a longer period of time? Consider buying deep cycle batteries in any of our four locations. Deep cycle batteries are designed to offer a steady, prolonged source of power, and they often have large reserve capacities. This is perfect for a full day out on the green in your golf cart!

Whether you’re powering your golf cart or you’re seeking an alternative to using a gasoline-powered generator, Prairie Battery remains your steady source for dependable deep cycle batteries in Edmonton, Winnipeg, Brandon, and Regina. We carry products by Rolls, Crown, and Trojan battery companies.

When it’s sunny out and you’re enjoying a day out on the green, you want a dependable power source to keep you going. Outfit your golf cart with reliable deep cycle batteries, available in Edmonton and our other locations in Regina, Winnipeg, and Brandon. Give us a call today at Prairie Battery for more information on our power solutions and battery offerings.


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