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Your Source for Reliable Battery Solutions in Regina

If you need a reliable battery to start your car on a frigid winter morning or to power your commercial truck on a delivery across the province, look no further than Prairie Battery. We’re proud to offer a wide range of high-quality batteries for cars and trucks, as well as for motorcycles, boats, snowmobiles, forklifts and even railroad equipment. If you can’t find exactly what you want, our team will design and assemble a battery pack according to your specifications.

Over 20 Years of Experience

In addition to sourcing the perfect product for your needs, Prairie Battery provides testing, installation and recycling services for customers in Regina and nearby communities across Saskatchewan. With more than 20 years of experience in the region, we know what it takes to power a vehicle in the Prairies. We’re a family-owned and operated business that’s equipped to serve a clientele that ranges from individuals to start-ups and large corporations. 

For directions to our Regina distribution centre, or to request a free quote on our products and services, contact us today.

What We Offer

Prairie Battery is a one-stop shop for all your battery-related needs. At our distribution centre in Regina, you’ll find a large inventory of batteries for most types of vehicles, including:

In addition to sourcing the products you need, our team offers battery installation, testing and recycling services for our Regina customers. We also sell battery boost equipment to keep your vehicle charged no matter where you go. 

Furthermore, if you want to adopt a more sustainable lifestyle or business model, we provide comprehensive solar panel packages that include panels, controllers, inverters, batteries and cables.

Brands We Carry

At Prairie Battery, we understand the unique demands of life on the Prairies, and we’re pleased to offer customers in the Regina area a range of batteries for cars, recreational vehicles, ATVs, commercial trucks, forklifts, railroad equipment and more. Turn to our knowledgeable staff for help finding the right product for your needs and budget. We supply batteries from top brands, such as:

NorthStar. This brand offers a free four-year warranty on automotive, heavy-duty and marine products. Plus, it has some of the best deep cycle batteries on the market, and its ELITE Series batteries are ideal for high-performance vehicles.

Odyssey. Thanks to plates made of pure virgin lead, these batteries out-perform and outlast conventional models. Since they’re a deep-cycle battery that offers rapid recovery, the Odyssey brand is a top pick for commercial vehicles.

Optima. For reliable batteries that can hold up in a demanding environment, this brand’s REDTOP high-performance AGM batteries are a good option as they’re highly resistant to common causes of failure.

Our In-House Brand

The team at Prairie Battery in Regina is also proud to offer a line of 12-volt automotive batteries. Designed to meet the needs of Saskatchewan drivers, our products come with a replacement warranty of up to five years. Speak with the staff at our Regina distribution centre to ensure you select a product with the right size and cold cranking amps rating.

Give Us A Call in Regina Today

Prairie Battery is a go-to source for reliable, long-lasting batteries in Regina and the surrounding communities. If you’re in the market for automotive, commercial, locomotive, marine or solar panel batteries, our knowledgeable staff can help. With more than 20 years of experience, you can count on us to track down the product you want. We can also design a custom battery pack to suit your specific needs and budget. For more information about the services offered at our distribution centre in Regina, or to request a free quote, contact us today.

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Where to find us

646 Henderson Drive

Regina, SK S4N 5X3


Our hours

Monday to Friday: 8:00 AM to 5 PM

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