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How to Recover and Recycle UPS Batteries

On average, a UPS battery is going to be replaced every three to five years. This estimated lifespan will be different for different users, and while several factors deplete the life of UPS batteries, they can be recovered. More often than not, uninterruptible power supplies will be ready for a replacement before their anticipated maximum lifespan.

recovering a UPS battery for recycling

When the time comes, you should know how to recover and recycle the batteries you have. This will help you to save money and to dispose of the batteries properly. Keep reading as we explain how this process works and why it's needed.

What Are UPS Batteries?

When you hear about UPS batteries, your mind might go to "backup power sources". While UPS and backup batteries are often used interchangeably, they are completely different. An uninterruptible battery supply acts as its name would suggest and represents a higher level of a battery backup supply.

This type of battery is more advanced, and while it technically is a form of backup supply, it just has a much higher rating of protection in comparison to a standard battery supply.

How to Recycle Your UPS Batteries

Like with anything else, UPS batteries have expiration dates so there will be times when you need to recycle batteries. To ensure you are handling the toxic materials within batteries the right way, the best option would be to use specific recyclers dedicated to battery recycling.

At Prairie Battery, we will also take old UPS batteries as part of our in-house battery recycling program. Find a location near you today!

Prairie Battery: Your One Stop Battery Source!

When your UPS batteries die, it's best to have battery packs on standby or a reliable replacement. Regardless of what you need, Prairie Battery is your one-stop shop for everything you need to keep your power accesses running as they should and with no downtime. To find high-quality batteries for just about anything, check out our inventory today.

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