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7 Tips for Truck Battery Maintenance

Canadian truckers often have 13-plus hour workdays across long stretches of highway, including cross-border work in the United States. Having a truck battery die during those long trips can be frustrating and sometimes even dangerous.

Luckily, there are several things you can do to prevent this from happening and have your truck back on the road as soon as possible with no hassle. Try using these seven tips for commercial truck battery maintenance.

1. Use a Battery Charger

Car and truck batteries don't often need charging because they charge while the vehicle runs. But charging is a crucial step in truck battery maintenance for trucks that sit for extended periods.

A battery charger is a great way to maintain a truck battery. Regular charging sessions allow you to keep your battery charged to an ideal level while you await your next trip.

2. Secure Truck Battery in Terminal

The last thing you want is a loose battery in your engine compartment. Not only can it damage other components in your engine, but it risks fluid leakage. Leaking batteries are dangerous, and they do not last long.

3. Measure the Voltage of Each Cell

The voltage in a battery will drop as it goes through its cycle life, so it's essential to regularly check the condition of your batteries with a battery analyzer or voltmeter. By doing so, you'll be well-informed about your truck battery's health and whether you need to make changes to help it last longer.

4. Keep the Batteries and Surrounding Area Clean

A clean battery is a healthy battery. Cleaning the battery terminal and surrounding areas is important. Built-up debris not only invites corrosion but can also disguise it, so you don't notice a problem until it's too late.

5. Park in Dry, Cool, Insulated Spaces

Parking in dry, cool, and insulated spaces will help your battery to last longer. When you park your truck in these conditions, the battery has a slower discharge rate, allowing it to maintain a charge for longer.

Moreover, parking in the shade means your truck battery will not have an opportunity to overheat. It stays cooler for longer when you take it on the road again. Parking in a garage also keeps your battery extra protected from elements contributing to corrosion.

6. Keep Battery Insulated

Car and truck batteries are durable components of your vehicle but are prone to failure in extreme weather. One of the easiest ways to maintain a truck battery is to keep it insulated.

You can do this by installing an insulation blanket or using plastic sheets during cold winters. However, your battery is equally safe if stored in an insulated garage.

7. Keep Truck Battery Away From Heat

Truck batteries will continue to work in extreme heat conditions. Overheating isn't what you should worry about regarding truck batteries in the summer sun. Instead, you should worry about battery fluid evaporation rates.

Even when covered, extreme heat causes cells to evaporate much faster than in mild weather. Avoid the heat by parking in shady spots, using a garage, or using insulated sleeves to protect your truck battery.

Protect Your Truck Battery With Prairie Battery

We hope these maintenance tips for truck batteries helped you understand how critical taking care of your truck battery is. But, sometimes, at-home maintenance isn't enough. Sometimes, you need a pair of expert eyes.

Prairie Battery is your one-stop shop for truck batteries and more. Our car battery service technicians can test, charge, repair, and replace your truck battery at a competitive price. Visit the Prairie Battery website to request free battery testing today!


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