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Advantages of Lithium Batteries For Powersports Vehicles

lithium battery powered power-sports vehicles

First, there were lead-acid batteries. Then, lithium-ion batteries became the standard. Today, lithium iron phosphate, or LiFePO4, batteries are taking the world of powersports vehicles by storm. If you haven’t made the switch yet, these are a few of the benefits you’re missing out on.

They’re better for the environment

Lead-acid batteries are notoriously toxic and, unfortunately, lithium-ion batteries aren’t much better. That’s where lithium iron phosphate batteries come in to play. First, they’re non-toxic and can be recycled, which may be even more of a selling point now that governments worldwide are cracking down on battery disposal. Second, thanks to the absence of lead and acid, they don’t produce toxic fumes while in use. Finally, due to their lower carbon emissions, investing in LiFePO4 batteries is a great way to start reducing your carbon footprint. 


They’re quicker to charge

Compared to the batteries that came before them, LiFePO4 batteries charge faster and hold their charge for longer. It can be frustrating to take your powersports vehicle out of storage only to find the battery completely drained. However, this won’t be an issue if you switch to LiFePO4 batteries, as they lose just two to three per cent of their charge per month. This makes them far more efficient that lead acid batteries, which typically discharge 10 to 15 per cent of their total charge per month.


They offer superior performance

Are you wondering how LiFePO4 batteries stand up to their competition in terms of performance? We’re happy to tell you that you won’t be disappointed. These lightweight, durable batteries provide the energy necessary to let you perform your favourite tricks without having to worry about the engine overheating. No matter the weather conditions, you can count on these batteries to keep your powersports vehicle at the top of its game.


A One-Stop Shop For All Your Battery Needs

If it’s lithium batteries you’re looking for, Prairie Battery is the place to go. We offer a comprehensive selection of batteries that includes automotive, marine and powersports batteries.

We also offer boosters and chargers as well as solar panel systems. Even if we don’t have the item you require on hand, we’ll be happy to locate it for you. If you’re in or around Winnipeg, Brandon, Edmonton, Regina or the Greater Toronto Area, contact us and we’ll help you find what you need.



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