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Extending RV Battery Life While Dry Camping

RV in a Rockhill mountain

89% of Canada is either provincial or federal crown land. This means you can take your RV and go dry camping almost anywhere.

Taking your RV to a place without any water or electrical hookups can be liberating, but you need to be prepared. There are some truly breathtaking places to camp across the prairies and in the Rockies. You may enjoy everything our nation has to offer as long as you give RV battery care top priority.

In this post, we're going to give you some tips for extending your RV battery life while dry camping. Keep reading, and you'll be able to enjoy the remoteness of dry camping with all the comforts of RV life.

How Long Will An RV Battery Last?

The average deep-cycle battery can last around 48 hours before needing to be charged. How long yours lasts will depend on how careful you are with your electronics and how well-maintained the battery is.

It also depends on what kind of RV battery you get. If you want a high-performance battery that doesn't require much maintenance, consider splurging for an AGM that has a depth of discharge of 80%.

You should also pay attention to how many amp hours a particular battery gets. Knowing this, you can look at how much power each of your appliances uses and do the math to figure out how your battery will be affected.

The Causes of Battery Failure

RV battery maintenance starts with knowing what will kill a battery. Overcharging and undercharging the battery on a regular basis will shorten its lifespan, risk sulfation, and pose numerous safety risks (in the case of overcharging).

The other thing that will get you in trouble is draining the battery too quickly. Don't leave unused lights and appliances running, or you'll end up without these things for the remainder of your camping trip.

How to Extend Battery Life

Installing a solar panel system on your RV or even purchasing a portable solar cell takes some of the pressure off your RV battery. If you're a frequent RV and dry camper, having a solar panel will save you a lot of money in the long run.

Getting energy-efficient appliances for your RV will extend your battery life as well. When you start adding up each appliance's energy usage, you'll see how quickly they can take a toll on your battery.

Limit power consumption as much as possible if you're in the middle of nowhere. Figure out what you need to have when dry camping rather than what you want to have.

The most important things are clean water, preserved food, the ability to cook, and a functioning toilet. Everything else can be limited or even eliminated.

Get the Right RV Battery for Your Dry Camping Needs

Now that you know how to extend the lifespan of an RV battery, it's time to consider what your dry camping needs really are. If you want full use of your RV, you're going to need the right batteries to keep you charged.

As Canada's one-stop battery shop, Prairie Battery has everything you need to keep your RV going while dry camping. To discuss your needs with a representative, don't hesitate to get in touch with us ASAP.


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