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How Often Should You Change Your Car Battery?

technician changing a car battery

Believe it or not, Canada currently has more battery-electric vehicles now than ever before. From the moment of ignition, your car battery is tasked with powering every component of your car that your engine and gasoline don't. As such, like any piece of equipment, it can't perform its job forever.

Knowing when to change your car battery can save you a world of inconvenience. After all, there's nothing worse than being unexpectedly stranded with a dead battery.

This brief guide will break down everything you need to know about when to swap out your car's battery.


When to Change Car Battery: The Telltale Signs

What any car owner should know first and foremost is that a car battery is only designed to last about three to five years. With that knowledge in mind, if you track that your car battery lifetime is likely approaching its end, there are some key signals to watch out for.

For one, you might notice that when you turn the key in your car's ignition, your engine takes longer than usual to start. If it takes far too long or multiple turns of the key to start, it could mean your battery is nearing the end of its lifespan.


A warning light on your dashboard can also alert you of when to change your car battery, so it's important not to let such warnings go ignored.

In addition, when it comes to how to know when to change a car battery, another approach you can take is to simply take a look at it. If the outside case is misshapen due to overexertion or high temperatures, then that's a problem that needs attention right away. Another dead giveaway that a battery needs changing is if you see that it's leaking fluid.


How to Check Your Car Battery

Of course, the most definitive way to know if your car battery is on its way out is to test it yourself. Any reliable automotive shop should have testers on hand that can measure the amount of life and energy your battery has left.

Remember, longevity is far from the sole determinant of when to change a car battery. Even if your battery is brand new, leaving your car running or your headlights on for too long in even one instance can drain its power.

If you even suspect your battery is low on energy, it's for the best that you let a professional save you from a big headache down the line.


Don't Wait for a Weak Battery to Become a Dead Battery

Knowing when to change a car battery is just one simple precaution that can protect you from the dangers of stalling out unexpectedly. Such knowledge is a crucial first line of defense for the risks of the road, though you should trust everything else to the professionals.

At Prairie Battery, we have just the battery selection and prompt service to get you back out on the road again in no time. Contact us today for any help with your car battery needs.


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