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Signs you need a new motorcycle battery

When your motorcycle is acting up, how do you know if it’s because your battery is dying or whether something else might be malfunctioning? You don't need to be a motorcycle mechanic to diagnose a faulty battery. Look for these signs to help you determine if you need a new motorcycle battery.


Assess your usage

If you’ve been using the same battery for more than three years, chances are it needs replacing sooner rather than later. If you haven’t replaced it in four years, you should do so even if your motorcycle seems to be working fine.

If your motorcycle has been sitting idle for some months, you may need to replace your battery.


Start the engine

The engine should turn over at a regular, even speed when you turn the key. If the ignition is slow and laborious, the battery may be the problem. It could also be the starter. Check the headlights to see if they flicker or are duller than usual. Check the horn for diminished volume. Examine the battery for broken terminals, discolouration, bumps or cracks.


Multimeter check

Check the battery terminals with a multimeter. An ideal level is between 12.8 and 13 volts, and any reading lower than 12.5 volts indicates that your battery needs charging. If you regularly get inconsistent readings, you should get a new battery.


Put safety first

Deal with any battery problems at the first sign to prevent more problems with your machine. When handling your battery, be careful not to let anything conductive connect the positive terminal on your battery with any metal parts of the bike. If you’re uncertain, it’s best to get help from a professional.


Battery experts in Edmonton, Regina, Winnipeg, Brandon and Aurora

At Prairie Battery, we have the batteries and the expertise to give you a smooth ride every time. We can check your battery for you to determine if it needs replacing. Please don’t wait for your motorcycle battery to die, contact us today before your next ride.




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